United States Taekwon-Do Federation - Utah (USTF-Utah) is a cooperative of several USTF Taekwon-Do schools in Utah joining together to provide: More training opportunities for Students, Consistent Taekwon-Do instruction, and Shared use of facilities and resources.

Tenets of Taekwon-Do:





Indomitable Spirit

Students Oath:

I shall obey the Tenets of Taekwon-Do

I shall respect my Instructor and Seniors

I shall never misuse Taekwon-Do

I shall be a champion of freedom and justice

I shall build a more peaceful world

just kick!

“True warriors do not seek fame and position. Real men cherish the truth. To work for favor, or offer one's skills for profit, is the behavior of small men and mediocre warriors.” -General Choi Hong-Hi

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